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SERVICE <100 m² <250 m² <500 m² <1,000 m² <2,000 m² <5,000 m² <10,000 m² >10,000 m²
Commercial EPC £175 £190 £210 £230 £250 £280 £350 £POA
DEC £190 £240 £290 £340 £400 £450 £650 £POA
Part L/SBEM Report £90 £105 £125 £170 £220 £280 £320 £POA
Part L/SBEM Report  +  EPC *

£185 £200 £220 £240 £260 £290 £360 £POA
Asbestos Management Survey ** £175 £200 £240 £350 £500 £700 £POA £POA


If key holder is unable to meet the surveyor on site there is a £25 charge for key collection and drop off.


* A site visit is not necessary providing a statement from the building controller is issued that states that the building has been completed as  described in the original SBEM Report. If it is not possible to obtain this document,  a site visit will be required prior to lodging the EPC and additional cost of £100 will be applied.

** (i) Does not include the cost of optional laboratory sampling. (ii) Samples cost £45 for the first sample and £20 for each subsequent sample. (iii) If samples are not collected suspected materials will be presumed to contain asbestos. 

(ii) If site plans are not available an additional cost will be incurred (site plans are necessary to produce the final report and Asbestos Register for the building). If a Commercial EPC is also being instructed for the same building, site plans are not required separately for the Asbestos Survey as they are produced as component of the Commercial EPC service by default.

Prices apply to buildings within 20 miles 'road' distance of Newport NP19, South Wales. For buildings in the SW England an additional cost of £6.70 to cover the Severn Bridge toll will be applied. A small cost may be applied to buildings outside our normal operating range to cover any additional mileage.