EPC Exemptions

Is your property exempt?

An example of an EPC Exempt building. In this case the structure has no ceiling making it impractical to artificially condition the interior (there is no 'interior')

EPC Exemptions are issued to the property owner when the building is classed as 'irrelevant'.

Irrelevant buildings can include buildings that have no capacity for supporting an artificially conditioned environment, such as heavily ventilated agricultural buildings or a building that does not have any heating, cooling or ventilation capabilities.

This is explained in more detail in the document “Feed-in Tariff: Guidance for Renewable Installations (Version 8)” which can be downloaded here.

If you think your property is exempt we may still need to visit the property to gather any supporting evidence in order to produce the recommendation.

Exemption letters are also issued when a building is classified as exempt from requirements such as a church or school. In all cases, an accredited Commercial Energy Assessor is legally required to produce the recommendation.

EPC Exemptions