SBEM Modelling Services

Modelling Services for NDEAs

QA compliant, ready to lodge, rendered in DesignBuilder.

SAP ReportsTime is money and for many NDEAs, using standard government issue iSBEM (even to model very simple buildings) take up a lot of time. Not only is iSBEM time consuming, but it is also an audit trap, and should you make even the slightest error this will usually result in an audit fail and subsequent costly re-lodgement fees (and even more time wasted).

In response to growing demand, N-SURV offer a modelling service for qualified level 3 or level 4 NDEAs. You will be responsible for capturing the necessary site data as specified by your accrediting body audit requirements and we will transform your captured field data into a QA compliant .xml file for you to lodge under your own assessor credentials. Please note you must be an accredited Non-Domestic Energy Assessor to use this service.

We provide a 48 hour turnaround for all level 3 and 4 buildings and guarantee all models are fully audit compliant*.

Call Adam on 07510 090 633 for more information.



  1. You will be responsible for lodging your NDEPC using the .xml file that we create. We will not lodge EPCs for buildings that we have not personally surveyed and assessed.
  2. To ensure that any models and subsequent .xml files that we create are representative of the actual building being modelled and complaint with current regulations (i.e. you don't fail audit due to poor site notes) we require that you provide us with clear information as described in the following downloadable documents:
    1. EPC_Data_Collection_Standards_Guide
    2. WI02_NDEA_QA_Minimum_Evidence_Requirements
    3. WI08_NDEA_QA_Requirements
  3. We will not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information you provide to us for the purpose of producing your .xml file.